It has become increasingly more important for brands to collaborate with
celebrities and entertainment companies in diverse industries than ever before.
We develop our clients as powerful and attractive brands that can re-vitalize
themselves by connecting through our wide-ranging relationships with top celebrities
and influential media sources which lead trends and opinions.



We the are among the top celebrity marketing and model agency in Korea today. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg and not enough to describe our business and vision. 

We are focusing our resources to establish new standards and styles while overcoming the old-fashion ways of working in the entertainment/advertising industry.  

We focus and expand our talents and efforts as not only a celebrity marketing agency, but also through new entertainment marketing platforms. 





We have unprecedented access, relationships and exclusive networks with top celebrities and influence outlets in Korea. 

World-renowned musicians, K-pop idols and actors are intimate friends, not just our business partners.  

Thus we successfully leverage celebrities, brands and clients. We understand how to leverage the talents of celebrities and the value of brands.





The teams and members of our company are young, talented and professional. 

All the people in HCP have comprehensive knowledge about the nature and characteristics of today's entertainment industries. This is the major difference from other agencies that we can utilize and are not afraid to express.

We are not just negotiators and agents. We are planing, consulting strategists who aim to solve the issues that our clients have.